Selection Rules for Medical Glass Bottles

Selection Rules for Medical Glass Bottles


Medical glass bottles not only need to have good performance but also have requirements for the glass production process. This article will share the selection rules of medical glass bottles.

the selection rules of medical glass bottles

The medical glass bottles are made of quartz sand, feldspar or aluminum hydroxide, borax, soda ash, and other materials through high-temperature melting, cooling, molding, annealing, and other processes. Such products not only have good water resistance, acid resistance, and general alkali resistance but also have good thermal stability.

Medical glass bottles have a certain degree of mechanical strength, smoothness, transparency, easy cleaning and disinfection, high barrier properties, easy sealing, and other excellent physical and chemical properties, and can be used for packaging various pharmaceutical preparations. DAS Packaging shared the following types and requirements of medical glass bottles.

Medical glass bottles are classified into four types: high borosilicate glass, medium borosilicate glass, low borosilicate glass, and soda-lime glass according to the linear thermal expansion coefficient and the content of boron trioxide. According to the water resistance, it is divided into type I glass type II glass and Type III glass.

Class I glass is borosilicate glass with high water resistance; Class III glass is soda-lime glass with medium water resistance; Class II glass is soda-lime glass with the neutralized inner surface, which can reach higher The inner surface is water-resistant.

According to the molding process, it is divided into molded bottles and control bottles. Molded bottles are generally used for large-volume infusion bottles, small-volume injection bottles (or vials), oral liquid bottles, medicine bottles, etc.; control bottles are generally used for ampoules and injections bottles, prefilled glass syringes for syringes, pen-type syringes glass sleeves (or Cartesian bottles), oral liquid bottles, medicine bottles, etc.

The chemical resistance of the inner surface of the heat-processed part of the control bottle is lower than that of the unheated part, and the quality of the container after the same batch of glass tubes may be different.

Medical glass bottles should meet the following requirements during production and use.

1. The composition of medical glass bottles should meet the requirements of product performance. The glass formula ratio, mixing, and melting quality of batch materials should be strictly controlled during production to ensure the uniformity and stability of the glass composition.

2. The production process of medical glass bottles should be stable. Batch division should ensure the traceability of product quality, uniformity within batches, and consistency between batches.

3. The medical glass container should be smooth and transparent. Generally, colorless glass should be used for medicines, and brown transparent glass should be used for medicines that require protection from light.

4. The chemical properties of pharmaceutical glass bottles should be stable and should not be stripped. Pharmaceutical manufacturers should select appropriate glass bottles based on the results of compatibility studies.

5. In the process of use, attention should be paid to the compatibility between the glass container and the sealing element to ensure the sealing integrity of the medicine.

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