What Are the Effective Ways to Lightweight Design of Glass Bottles?

What Are the Effective Ways to Lightweight Design of Glass Bottles?


This article specifically shares the effective ways to realize the lightweight of glass bottles, so as to help everyone realize the optimal design and manufacture of glass bottles.

the methods to realize the lightweight of glass bottles

In the previous article, we mainly introduced the methods to realize the lightweight of glass bottles from the production process. Today, we will list the following effective ways for you to achieve the lightweight of glass bottles.

1. Adjust the glass formula

To a certain extent, the intrinsic strength of glass depends on the main components (formulation) of the glass. Bottle glass for packaging is mainly Na2O—CaO—SiO2 series glass, and hard borosilicate glass is mostly used in medicine. Lightweight glass containers focus on components that increase strength. It is a material that increases the content of network formers in the composition and makes the glass structure more compact. The oxide ion introduced in the composition has a higher charge and a smaller ion radius.

2. Lightweight structure design

Research on a reasonable structure to make the wall thickness of the glass container thinner. After the wall thickness of the glass container is reduced, the vertical load capacity is reduced. Compressive strength and impact strength can be improved instead, so the following measures can be taken to ensure that the vertical load strength is slightly reduced or not reduced.

The shape of the glass bottle is best to be small. The closer the shape of the bottle is to the spherical shape, the better, and the line of the bottle shape is as simple as possible, without sharp corners or sharp edges, and a smooth line shape with the gentle transition between each part; the shape is cylindrical; the shoulder structure has the larger the radius of curvature of the shoulder line; the smooth transition between the bottle body and the bottle bottom is better.

In addition, the reinforcement ring at the mouth of the bottle and can be as small as possible, or the reinforcement ring should be eliminated; the bottleneck of the smallmouth bottle should not be thin and long.

3. Use optimized design methods

Use optimized design to discuss the best bottle shape of the glass, so that the weight of the glass container is small and the capacity is large, and the consumption of raw materials is reduced; modern mold design and processing methods are used to produce high-precision container molds to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the container, thereby ensuring the strength of the container.

Using advanced theories and modern methods, according to the determined stress of different parts of the bottle shape, the wall thickness of each part of the container is accurately designed to achieve a clear thickness and reduce weight.

4. Strengthen production process technology

Strengthen the production process technology, all links of the production process, from the raw material organization, batching, melting, molding, annealing, etc., must be strictly controlled, and chemical and physical strengthening processes and surface coating strengthening methods are used to improve materials Under the premise of high physical and mechanical strength, the glass container can be made thinner to achieve the purpose of lightening. Therefore, the strengthening process must be clearly defined in the design stage.

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