What Method Can We Use to Test the Quality of Glass Bottles?

What Method Can We Use to Test the Quality of Glass Bottles?


In this article, DAS Packaging shared with you the specific methods for testing the quality of glass bottles, including testing indicators and technical advantages.

 the specific methods for testing the quality of glass bottles

At present, with the rapid development of medical technology, the application of various medicinal or beverage glass bottles has become very common. With the increasingly fierce competition, customers are bound to have higher and higher requirements for the quality of glass bottles.

Product quality requirements are also getting higher and higher, and companies usually increase manual monitoring efforts or find better detection methods in order to comprehensively solve this increasingly acute contradiction.

In the production process of glass bottles, due to the complexity of the processing technology, various defective products cannot be avoided, which brings serious hidden dangers to product quality. In order to improve the quality of products leaving the factory, manufacturers usually rely on a large number of manual inspections to pick out waste products.

However, the manual inspection speed is slow, and it takes up a lot of manpower, material resources, and site resources. Moreover, after the human eyes work for a long time, they are prone to fatigue and negligence, and the product quality cannot be efficiently guaranteed.

With the continuous development of computer technology, more and more companies have gradually used machine vision inspection technology to replace manual quality inspection. In this way, the inspection standards can be set by the system without being affected by subjective factors and can be continuously, accurately, and reliably complete testing work and improve the development of industrial products automation and intelligence. The following is a detailed introduction to the use of machine vision inspection technology to detect the quality of glass bottles.

Main testing indicators

1. Size inspection (including bottle height, bottle body outer diameter, bottle mouth outer diameter, bottle mouth height, etc.);

2. Appearance defects of the bottle body (including bubbles, impurities, wrinkles, adhesions, cracks, nicks, fingerprints, etc.);

3. Bottle bottom defects can be photographed from the side (including bottle bottom unevenness, bottom thorns, partial bottom, etc.);

4. Bottle shoulder defects (including oblique shoulders, crooked bottles, and the bottle body, etc.);

5. Bottle mouth inspection content is that in addition to the above-mentioned defects in the appearance of the bottle body, it is also necessary to detect defects such as gaps, breaks, and uneven round openings.

Machine vision inspection system refers to the conversion of captured objects into image signals through machine vision products (CMOS and CCD), which are sent to a dedicated image processing system, and converted into digital signals based on information such as pixel distribution and brightness.

The imaging system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, and then controls the actions of the on-site equipment based on the results of the discrimination, and performs a visual inspection, size measurement, defect detection, and system positioning.

The technical advantages of machine vision inspection for glass bottles

1. Improve detection accuracy, unify detection standards, and eliminate individual differences in manual detection;

2. Improve the detection speed and realize all-round real-time detection of products;

3. One-time investment, the average cost is much smaller than labor cost;

4. The data can be summarized and analyzed to facilitate the search for problems in the front-end process and provide suggestions for the follow-up process.

Aiming at the highly repetitive work of glass bottle inspection, machine vision inspection technology has outstanding advantages such as fast speed, high precision, and a high degree of automation, which can well meet the needs of modern manufacturing. DAS Packaging has applied this kind of technology very well to carry out comprehensive quality control of glass bottles, so if you have a demand for this, we are undoubtedly your best choice.

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